Thermoplastic Termogran

Özşahin having a yearly capacity of 11.000 tons, covers not only standard products but also customized production. With our high-tech facilites we are able to produce granules according to the needed color, strength and density.

Thermogran® is not only a popular line in the local market but also a highly demanded product overseas.

All manufactured products are tested in our own quality control laboratory and later on dispatched for customer delivery. Our tests include all steps of the cycle including density, thickness, stretching and fracture

termoplastik table

Density Test: Thermo plastic has a density margin between 0,96 and 1,01 gr/cm3, differing accordingly with the qualityof materials used. It is also possible to reduce density by using lighter formulas.

Hardness Test: Hardness test differs according to customer request. Production is based between 30-90 Shore A.

Abrasion Test: This test detects the amount of abrasion quality of the product. For any problems not to occur, the maximum depreciation rate should be 240 mm3

Ultimate Strength - Elongation Test: This test detects the resistence and strength of the product. The distention ratio should be at least 40 kg/cm2. The elongation ratio should be at a minimum of %350. Additional tearing tests are also applied.


• Shoes and Slipper Soles
• Cables, Cords and Wires
• Window Profiles
• Gaskets
• Tubes, Pipes, Rolls
• Armrests, Handles (Cars)

Density g/cm3 DIN 53479 0,99 +- 0,01
Hardness Shore A DIN 53505 30 - 90 +- 2
Abrasion mm3 DIN 53516 180 +- 10
Ultimate Strength kg/cm2 ASTMD 412 44 +- 5
Elongation % ASTMD 412 1100+- 100
Breaking Strength mm   100.000 adım “0”