Established in 1945 by Ali Nihat Özşahin, Özşahin Suni Kösele Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. has started its long winded business, initially with shoe trade.

Özşahin's corporate growth was later followed by the production of shoe materials in the 1960's and rubber sheetsnamed as neolite.

Through the years with it's own R&D team, Özşahin succeeded in producing synthetic shoe soles, featuring all specifications of genuine rubber. With this revolutionary outcome, a breakthrough was achieved in the Turkish shoe industry.

Today, not only having a daily production capacity of 40.000 kg in rubber dough, Özşahin has also added boot soles, light neolites, EVA sheets to its product line.

Thermo granule production featured in 2000, has now reached a daily capacity of 30.000 kg and is exported globally under the name of Thermogran®.

Not only involved in manufacturing, Özşahin is also the leading supplier company in most rubber and auxiliary products. We are the main distributor of worlwide known brands such as; Evonik, Schill+Seilacher, Actmix, Lanxess, Cancarb, Sabic, Bostik, Ege Kimya, LCY, Richon for Turkey.

In 2003, Özşahin gathered all departments and production units init's 20.000 m2 facilities located in İstanbul, Dudullu Industrial Zone. Our other leg branches and warehouses are located and giving service in İstanbul Gedikpaşa, İstanbul İkitelli and İzmir İşıkkent.

With it’s 70 years of expertise, Özşahin uses up to date technologies, new products, advanced R&D and also concentrates on innovation and staff education.

Özşahin aims are to improve current products, to build more effective production facilities, to import and manufacture new types of raw materials for client use, as well as ameliorating the existing situation in order to create a dynamic, progressive team which can overcome challenges. Since its foundation, our company’s invariable and most important specialty is to provide confidence. With same name, at the same address and in the same market, it operates for nearly 70 years.

Today, with such reducing profit margins, only corporations utilizing the newest technologies and whom can produce with minimum cost are able to keep up with the world. Therefore, Özşahin aims to improve it’s manufacturing technologies, as well as collaborating with leading firms for joint investments.

Nowadays our international trade operations has also accelerated parallel to our production activities. In 2014, in addition to our existing raw material portfolio, we implemented new collaborations with many globally leading producer companies, reinforcing our position as the leader supplier in Turkey.

Our aim is to become a world leader brand as we go beyond our former success and reliability for the following years. I believe that we will be able to achieve this with our dearworth partners.

Sincerely yours,

Chairman of the Board
Mustafa Kemal Özşahin


To work for the well being of all our partners including; our drivers whom carries our raw materials, our workers whom treat it with their expertise, our management team and our most precious customers.


To globally become a leader brand, as we are in our country.